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National Competition "Flores del Café"

Anacafé, in partnership with the Women in Coffee Association Guatemala, organizes the world's first Women Producers Competition.

In Guatemala, more than 125,000 families are represented in coffee cultivation, and we recognize the indispensable role of women in its production. That's why this year, Anacafé, in collaboration with the Women in Coffee Association Guatemala, decided to create the first competition focused on women coffee producers.

Guatemala, April 11, 2023. The awards ceremony for the first Coffee Blossoms Competition was recently held, organized by the National Coffee Association (Anacafé) and the Women in Coffee Association | Guatemala (IWCA Guatemala).


We know that all coffees from Guatemala are distinguished by their aromas and flavors. This is why, year after year, Anacafé organizes Coffee Competitions as an institutional strategy to distinguish, identify, and recognize the quality of coffee produced in Guatemala. That's why this year, the new competition called 'Coffee Blossoms' was launched.

The competition aims to encourage the competitiveness of women producers, positioning their coffee in the national and international markets. In addition to recognition, winners are awarded based on the category achieved (Washed, Honey, and Natural).

Winners | Competition Flores del Café 2023

Washed Category:

1. Buenos Aires Huixoc

2. El Zapote

2. Armenia y Anexo

3. La Merced

4. Monte Verde y Anexo

5. Mean Mug Coffee Farms

6. El Vergel

7. Santa Teresa

8. Alta Mira Sur

9. Las Victorias

10. El Cenzontle de Sanabaj

Category Honeys:

1. Hacienda El Guarsin

2. Tinamit Toliman

3. Nueve Aguas y Anexos

4. Joya Grande

5. Idolia

Category Naturals:

1. La Merced

2. Mean Mug Coffee Farms

3. San Jose Buena Vista

4. Nueva Agua Fría y Anexos

5. El Aceituno

5. Nueva Armenia

6. El Cenzontle de Sanabaj

7. Coicomsa, R. L.

8. Nueve Aguas y Anexos

9. El Vergel

10. Los Pinos

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