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Success in the Celebration of the Ordinary General Assembly of the Women's Association in Café Guatemala

Guatemala, February 5, 2024

New Board of Directors for 2024 Elected

In an event that marked a milestone for the Association of Women in Coffee Guatemala, the annual Ordinary General Assembly was successfully held on February 5. The meeting began punctually at 10:05 a.m. and concluded at 11:45 a.m., leaving a space for reflections, discussions and, above all, for the election of the new Board of Directors that will lead the association during 2024.

The active participation of the members in this assembly reflects the commitment and unity of the community of women in coffee in Guatemala, which seeks to enhance their role in the industry and contribute to its sustainable development.

The new Board of Directors for the 2024 period was elected democratically and enthusiastically. The women leaders who will assume key roles are the following:

  • President: Domitila Corado

  • Vice President: Patricia Ríos

  • Secretary: Patricia Morales

  • Treasurer: Arminda Pineda

  • Vocal I: Maria Andree Negreros

  • Vocal II: Karen Bonilla

These exceptional women assume the commitment to work hand in hand with the community, promoting gender equality, sustainable development and strengthening the participation of women in the coffee industry.

The outgoing president, who successfully led the association during the last period, expressed her confidence in the new board and appreciated the continued support of all members.

The Association of Women in Coffee Guatemala is proud of its vibrant and engaged community, and looks forward to the achievements that the new board of directors will achieve in 2024. The association continues to be a beacon of female empowerment in the Guatemalan coffee industry, inspiring present and future generations.

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