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The Guatemala Women's Coffee Association is a testament to the transformative power of empowerment and collaboration within the realm of coffee production. This association, born from the recognition of the intrinsic value that women bring to the coffee value chain, has become a driving force for both economic progress and social change in the country.

In the landscapes where coffee cherries thrive, women have been seamlessly intertwined in every stage of the coffee journey, from seed to cup. His touch is not simply an addition; It is a fundamental essence that elevates the entire process. From tending coffee plants to precisely sorting beans, women's roles are characterized by meticulous attention to detail, a deep connection to the land, and an innate understanding of the complexities that define exceptional coffee.

However, the Women's Coffee Association extends beyond the realm of production. It serves as a beacon of unity, advocacy and empowerment for the women who form the backbone of this industry. By amplifying their voices, providing education and training, and fostering a support network, the association propels women into leadership positions, where their invaluable contributions are rightfully recognized.

In this partnership, we understand that women's empowerment is not just about equity; it's about harnessing the potential for collective growth. By ensuring that women are not only included but revered and respected within the coffee value chain, the Women in Coffee Association fosters an environment where creativity flourishes, quality soars, and communities thrive.

That is why, in the history of Guatemalan coffee, women are the storytellers, the caregivers and the catalysts of progress, so as the years go by, we honor their contributions that serve as a guide, showing that valuing women is not only the right thing; It is the key to unlocking the full potential of Guatemala's coffee sector.

"We are firm in our conviction that every woman has the ability to empower herself, excel in coffee production and achieve easy access to the market."

Nuestra misión

Our mission

We provide support and empowerment to every woman in the coffee industry in Guatemala. Providing them with the necessary tools to build success stories at a national and international level. Beyond driving competitive businesses, we seek to cultivate sustainable lifestyles that light their own paths, enriching not only their lives, but also those of their families and the communities they call home.


Our vision

To be the leading Association recognized nationally and internationally for generating opportunities for women in the Guatemalan coffee industry, which contribute to improving their quality of life, that of their family and their community. 

We need your help!

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