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Immersing ourselves in the subject of Drying

Workshop on Drying and Good Coffee Processing Practices

In a day filled with learning and innovation, on November 23, 2023, Finca Las Flores in Anacafé's Region IV became the epicenter of coffee knowledge during the Drying and Good Coffee Processing Practices Workshop. This event, masterfully led by Engineer Oscar Macz, emphasized the importance of crucial stages in coffee production that directly impact its quality: drying and good processing practices.

The workshop began with a warm welcome, where participants, ranging from producers to coffee enthusiasts, came together with a shared passion for refining processing techniques. Finca Las Flores, with its picturesque landscape, served as a constant reminder of the connection between the land, the coffee grower, and the final cup that reaches our tables.

During the theoretical session, Engineer Oscar Macz shared his experience and profound knowledge of best drying practices, highlighting the direct influence this process has on the flavor and quality of coffee. From ideal environmental conditions to drying management techniques, every detail was explored and discussed, providing participants with a comprehensive understanding of the importance of this crucial phase.

The practical part of the workshop took participants to the drying patios of the estate, where they could directly apply the principles learned. Under the expert guidance of Engineer Macz, real-time demonstrations showed how decisions made in the drying process directly impact the quality of the final coffee.

Furthermore, Good Processing Practices were addressed, from harvesting to preparation for drying. This comprehensive approach not only provided specialized knowledge but also valuable insights on optimizing each stage of the production process.

The workshop was not only an opportunity to refine skills but also to build a community. Interactions among participants, the exchange of ideas, and lively discussions created an enriching environment that transcended the classroom and strengthened the network of professionals and coffee lovers present.

In conclusion, the Drying and Good Coffee Processing Practices Workshop at Finca Las Flores was a milestone in the constant pursuit of excellence in coffee production. We appreciate Engineer Oscar Macz for sharing his experience and leading this educational journey. We look forward with enthusiasm to the implementation of this knowledge to elevate the quality of coffee in our coffee communities!

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